I'm Glad I'm Not

By: The Costume King

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The theme party "I'm Glad I'm Not" is a fun one. Each guest comes as a funny costume of someone or something they are glad they are not. You can get as creative as you like. You will be laughing so hard with what some people decided to dress up as, so make this your next party!

What to Wear?

For this party each person just needs to dress up as something or someone you are glad you are not. Just fill in the blank: I'm Glad I'm Not ___________.

Costume Ideas:

  • A Nerd
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Sarah Palin
  • Blue Balls
  • A Fat Person
  • A Old Person
  • Tampon
  • Pregnant
  • A _____ fan
  • Dress up as your friend
  • Dress as a rival school, frat or sorority
  • Wear a Mirror - Reflect Person You Are Talking To
  • Ect.. Ideas are endless
Send Us Your Party Photos

If you've thrown a party with this theme, please email us the photos along with your consent to use your photos on our website. We will publish it here.

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