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By: The Costume King

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If you're a healthy college-bound individual, than the chances are high that you're up to date with your celebrity news. Whether you hear it by word of mouth or have some on-line news outlet you frequent, if some celebrity is pregnant or in jail, you're amongst the first to know. So why not use this useless knowledge for the greater good and use it to throw what could be one of the most unusual parties many people will ever attend.

Setting Up

You may look at the concept of a Celebrity Scandal themed party and draw a complete blank on how one would set up such a party. Truthfully, this is a more-then acceptable reaction. While parties are typically accented by décor, this theme leaves little room for paper goods – so, really, skip to the good stuff: The Booz.

Since you're basing a party on a concept that welcomes trashiness and hot messes, you'll want to make sure the alcohol list is a veritable mix of the worst (rather, best) out there. Forego the pansy-ass wine coolers and Mike's Hard Lemonade for little personalized bottles of vodka. Anyone keen on celebrity scandal will know to double-fist those cute little bottles. If you really want to f*$# some people up, invite Absinth to the party and let it mingle its way through the crowd. By the end of the night, the next party theme could be based on the campus scandals that reared their heads at the Celebrity Scandal party.

If you are insistent on some form of décor to pull the party together, consider setting up a "photo opportunity" spot for some of the most scandalous of scandals to pose for the paparazzi. Not only will you guarantee a few perfect shots for Facebook, but you'll also have a nice collection of photos for your dorms "Wall of Shame".

What to Wear?

It's doubtful that when Lindsay Lohan's mug shot started to grace the media waves anybody outright said, "I wish I could look just like her". Well, this party gives you the perfect excuse to scroll through some of Hollywood's best arrests and stories of scandal while deciding on the right fashion choice. Take a cue from the new queen of DUI's and thievery and show up with a mysterious necklace and a crap load of make-up covering up obvious signs of cocaine use. You can even go back in time a bit and show up in layers of still tagged clothing as a tribute to Winona Ryder's shoplifting year.

Guys have a wide assortment of scandals to choose from as well. From Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rants (think a simple T-shirt with a crossed out Star of David) to the biggest sex scandal in presidential history (easily depicted by a Bill Clinton wig and "smoking" a cigar), there's no shortage of male scandals.

Of course, not every celebrity scandal has to be completely negative. For a smidgen of positivity, you can show up to the party as the life bearing Snookie. In true Jersey Shore fashion though, you shouldn't be seen without a drink in hand or some random guy on your arm.

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